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Marriage Celebrant: For Our New Mailing List RevBrian's Professional Counsel Consults List.

DONT FORGET TO LOOK AT REVBRIAN-BOOKSTORE IN AMAZON (CLICK HERE) THIS IS A BRAND NEW LIST AND WILL CONTINUE WITH SENDGRID AND THE OLD IS TAKEN AWAY THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT WE SHALL SEND YOU OUR VIDEO LIST ONCE A MONTH IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED CLICK ON THE BELL IN THE VIDEO IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE THANK YOU. Basic Family Counsel For Birth Deaths & Marriages by Reverend Brian Richards Travels to All Australia & Commonwealth Countries For Missionary Work Also to the South-East-China-Seas,to help raise funds for the victims of floods and earthquakes in Philippines. We are self supported through our own contributions and the donations of others we encourage people to be on our extensive mailing list of 6000 people and locations from all over the world. there is a donation tab on the website, and donations are tax deductable to our "Word of Faith Charity"ABN:39326050887 and for weddings you go to http://revbrian.c…